IBC tanks

Are you looking for an IBC tank in which you can safely store and transport chemicals? Then look no further, our VARIBOX IBCs are constructed in such a way that the chemicals are always stored safely. Our tanks are made of polyethylene, available in different colors, and very durable. In short: our tanks are extremely suitable for storing all chemicals, naturally in a safe manner.

Advantages of our IBC tanks

We supply two types of IBC tanks: the VARIBOX FC 1000 and the VARIBOX FC 800. The difference between these two is the size and capacity. As the names indicate, the 1000 FC can store 1000 liters and the 800 FC can store 800 liters. Furthermore, both models have the same advantages:

  • Suitable for all acids and alkalis
  • Integrated spill containment, so that the container can be placed anywhere
  • Durable and suitable for reuse
  • Double-walled for extra safety and service life
  • Closed system
  • Equipped with a pressure relief vent 

History of our IBC tanks

Promens has more than 50 years of experience in the development of products for the storage and transport of foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products, and chemicals. Do you want to transport your chemicals in a safe and responsible way? Then we offer you a wide range of products to meet specific industrial needs. VARIBOX is one of these IBC tanks, with the VARIBOX You can transport and store all acids and alkalis. Thanks to the completely closed system, you cannot come into contact with the chemicals, and you are assured of your own safety.

Do you go for safety?

Do you want to have more information about our IBC tanks? Please contact us via our online contact form by filling in it or by calling +31 (0) 570 660 711. Would you like more information about our products like the 1000FC and 800FC first? Then download the brochures here.