Benefit from the sustainable VARIBOX containers

Benefit from the sustainable VARIBOX containers for 10 years – The VARIBOX is a sustainable and reusable IBC par excellence. A VARIBOX user does not need to buy a new IBC every year. Experience proves that a VARIBOX remains the safest packaging even after 10 years of intensive use! 

10-year timeline

Sustainable VARIBOX containers

UN / ADR certified Intermediate Bulk Containers 

The VARIBOX is a UN ADR-certified product. Safety is guaranteed by adhering to the maintenance schedule for an IBC.  

It starts with the delivery of a new VARIBOX: you can rely on it being 100% inspected and tested in accordance with ADR. The next inspection does not have to be performed until after a maximum of 2½ years, together with a leakage test. The ADR explains in how this inspection and test have to be done. A detailed explanation of this can be found in “2½ year inspection VARIBOX” that we can send to you on request.

Inner container replacement after 5 years

After 5 years, the inner container or inner box must be replaced. The inner container of a VARIBOX can only be replaced with a new original VARIBOX inner container. The new original VARIBOX inner container has already successfully passed a leakage test. So: replace, inspect and reuse! Read more about this in our “Instructions for replacing the VARIBOX inner container”, which we will send you on request. It also explains how this replacement is regulated in the ADR.

The exceptions during 10 years lifetime 

Are there still exceptions? Yes, there are: for some substances, the ADR limits the useful life of the inner container to 2 years. This concerns in particular nitric acid above 55% concentration, hydrogen fluoride, and peracetic acid above 5%. For these substances, the inner container can be replaced every 2 years and the VARIBOX can still be used for 10 years!

So, 10 years of VARIBOX benefit is at hand: with regular inspections and an inner box replacement after 5 years, you will get the most out of your IBC and ultimate reusability is within reach.

Sustainable VARIBOX Containers with a 10 year lifetime 

800 litre chemical container


Single Containment
  • 10x longer lifetimes than other IBCs
  • 99% recyclable material
  • DN50-PN10 heavy-duty valve
VARIBOX Full Containment


Full Containment
  • 110% spill containment integrated
  • 10x longer lifetime
  • <0.5 liters of residue after use
VARIBOX Compact Containment Small


Compact Containment
  • Eliminates physical lifting
  • No drip trays required
  • 100% closed system
VARIBOX Drumtainer Small


  • Mobile overpack for drums
  • 110% spill containment integrated
  • No drip trays required