The first chemical distributor using VARIBOX Connect in Germany is the STOCKMEIER Group

The first chemical distributor using VARIBOX Connect in Germany is the STOCKMEIER Group. Since November 2020 the newest VARIBOX innovation is up and running. VARIBOX Connect!  VARIBOX Connect is a fully integrated connectivity solution completely approved for UN/ADR, inside the Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) of VARIBOX.

This innovation provides chemical distributors with a personal dashboard where they can manage their VARIBOX container fleet. With Connect the location of each VARIBOX IBC will be displayed in a clear map. Suppliers will see how much chemical product their customers still have and will see predicted dates when containers will be empty. With all this data and knowledge, the next step in maximizing the efficiency of the VARIBOX container fleet has begun.

VARIBOX Connect Data Insights

Data insights

Customer Satisfaction

Fleet efficiency

VARIBOX Connect Personal Dashboard

“STOCKMEIER strengthens their connections in chemical distribution with VARIBOX Connect.”

STOCKMEIER Group is the first chemical distributor in Germany who has started to use VARIBOX Connect for their VARIBOX Fleet. STOCKMEIER Group is a family-owned business with more than 100 years of experience in chemical distribution. STOCKMEIER has more than 1800 employees and more than 50 locations across the globe. With 15 locations in Germany and many other locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Romania they ensure a complete and fast supply to their customers. By using VARIBOX Connect in Germany, STOCKMEIER will offer their customers an even higher level of service than ever before.

Interview with Marcel Anft

Kobus Bruins, New Business Manager from VARIBOX in Germany spoke about the latest innovation, VARIBOX Connect with Marcel Anft, Sales Manager Water Chemistry at STOCKMEIER Chemie.

Since the end of 2018, you started to use the VARIBOX. Which applications do you service with the VARIBOX FC?

On the one hand, we serve the applications in the area of air scrubber systems. Here, mainly highly concentrated sulphuric acid is used by agricultural businesses. Handling with the 
VARIBOX FC in combination with the Quick connector removal system offers a safe concept for the end-user.

Furthermore, we have customers from the industrial sector and also sewage treatment plants where the issues of safety and sustainability play a major role. Here, it is mainly about the handling of acids and alkalis.

VARIBOX Data Insights Landscape

What feedback do you receive on the VARIBOX FC?

The feedback is consistently positive! Customers appreciate the fast delivery due to our stocking of VARIBOX IBCs

STOCKMEIER will be the first chemical distributor in Germany who is going to use VARIBOX Connect, could you please explain why you have taken this step?

We want to ensure a complete and fast supply to our customers. With VARIBOX Connect we can increase our level of services to our customers. And we can support our customers and make sure that they will always have the correct amount of our product at the right place at the right time.

VARIBOX Connect will generate a lot of different data which give you insights into your VARIBOX fleet and customer behavior.  How is this data going to help STOCKMEIER during the daily operations?

With all the data, we know exactly how much product they use and how long it takes each trip. So, we can help our customers with their performance. Our products will always be available to our customers. They do not have to look after their stock anymore, we will take care of this part of the business.

With VARIBOX Connect you will have the opportunity to maximize your VARIBOX Fleet, how is Connect going to help STOCKMEIER?  

We can optimize our logistic process because we can see each location and the level in each container. So, we can act on time and customers do not have to place “rush” orders. And we can serve more customers with the same fleet, we can do more trips with the same containers.

How does VARIBOX Connect contribute to achieving the sustainability goals?

The VARIBOX Connect technology provides a permanent overview of the geographical locations of the VARIBOX IBCs. This leads to a significant reduction in the time an unused IBC spends at the customer’s warehouse. The technology provides us with information that leads to each VARIBOX being used more frequently. We pick them up for refilling as soon as they are empty – so we get more trips per year with the same container. Overall, the reduced use of raw materials contributes to a positive development of the ecological footprint.

Are there any other sustainability benefits of VARIBOX Connect?

Yes, we can optimize our transport by scheduling our pick-up and delivery routes better: we know which containers will be empty by when and where they are. Therefore, we can combine shipments and reduce on transport.

How does VARIBOX Connect suit the digital strategy of STOCKMEIER Group?

VARIBOX Connect suits our strategy because years ago we started to develop and increase our digital services to our customers. And we continue this today and we think that Connect will help us further.

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