Customer story with Proquiman

On this page, you can read a customer story with Proquiman about our VARIBOX SC and VARIBOX FC. Our sales rep in charge of the Spanish and Portuguese market, Christophe Maricourt met with Jorge García Diez, Manager and Commercial Director at Proquiman. This interview took place at the Proquiman facilities on July 7, 2020, about two weeks after the end of the state of emergency. As established in the protocol, social distance and all preventive measures against the spread of Covid-19 have been respected.

Customer story with Proquiman




Interview with García Diez

García Diez, can you explain what Proquiman does?

Proquiman is an Asturian chemical distribution company that has been active for the last 30 years. Mainly, we serve the food and chemical industry in the area. Our goal is to provide an unbeatable service to our customers.

Why have you introduced VARIBOX SC and VARIBOX FC in your container fleet?

I really needed more robust and safer packaging to supply certain products to customers who had asked us. VARIBOX is a container that not only increases safety in daily operations but also improves our company image due to its attractive design. The VARIBOX range offers us new market opportunities.

What product do you use VARIBOX for?

At the moment, mainly for nitric acid with a concentration greater than 55%. With the VARIBOX we have significantly increased the sale of this product. We really have improved our business using VARIBOX products.

Do you see the possibility of using VARIBOX for other chemicals?

We do not rule out supplying other products with this packaging, in the very near future. The VARIBOX range is available with a capacity of 1000 and 800L. We have a fleet of trucks and to optimize the transport of high-density products, we could use the VARIBOX 800L for high-concentration sulfuric acid.

We have recently introduced the VARIBOX CC, the most compact IBC on the market with a capacity of 250l. Do you see any new market opportunities?

It is a very interesting IBC that is in line with VARIBOX SC and VARIBOX FC. It is a good alternative to drums that are difficult to manipulate. It has the same characteristics as the VARIBOX FC in a reduced size e.g. equipped with an integrated spill container, leak-free connections. It can be placed anywhere. At Proquiman we are always looking for new market opportunities and the VARIBOX CC will surely have a place!

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