The double-walled 250L IBC at a swimmingpool

With its compact dimensions, the double-walled 250L IBC is the ideal IBC for tight spaces. It is therefore understandable that the 250-liter VARIBOX is also embraced by swimming pools. It requires only small floor space and fits through regular doors that you will typically see in these spaces. And you don’t need a separate spill containment as that’s already integrated into the VARIBOX.

double-walled 250L IBC




The first double-walled 250L IBC at a swimming pool in Switzerland.

The swimming pool Hallenbad Schulhaus Zihl Buchs in the Zürich canton in Switzerland has started to use the VARIBOX CC 250. Mr. Thomas Hügi has been with the swimming pool for 8 years now and is responsible for the technical maintenance of the training pool. Below you see the Interview with Mr. Thomas Hügi. 

Interview with Mr Thomas Hügi

Which chemicals are used and what for?

We are using Sodium hypochlorite solution for water disinfection, Sulfuric acid for pH regulation, and Polyaluminum chloride as flocculant. 

What are for you the important things to consider when handling chemicals?

For me, safety regulations and self-protection are the most important aspects. It goes without saying that the chemicals are to be handled with competence!

How much is the consumption of chemicals per year?

Every year we are consuming approx. 800 kg of Sodium hypochlorite solution, 1300-1500 kg sulfuric acid, and 500 kg flocculant.

What has improved after you started to use the VARIBOX CC 250L?

AWEL (Office for Waste, Water, Energy, and Air) is the supervisory authority in the canton of Zurich for the protection and sustainable use of natural resources. AWEL has imposed the use of double-walled chemical containers. The storage space is limited and Mr. Szymon Stepien from the company IMPAG proposed the VARIBOX CC. We are now using these double-walled containers and see more benefits:

  • Quick coupling
  • Space-saving
  • Easy exchanging
  • Corresponds to AWEL safety regulations

Would you recommend the VARIBOX CC 250L to your colleagues in the swimming pool world?
Yes, the VARIBOX is definitely to be recommended!

The VARIBOX CC double-walled 250L IBC in use

More information about the double-walled 250L IBC?

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