VARIBOX FC, the double-walled IBC with flexibility

The VARIBOX Full Containment (FC), the double-walled IBC with flexibility is on the market since 2016. Since the introduction of the unique VARIBOX FC, it has been used for many different applications in numerous markets. We have shared featured stories before, on applications like livestock farming, the beverage industry, and the car wash industry. In this featured story we dive deeper into the use of the Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) in the industry for surface treatment of stainless steel and the galvanizing of steel. The VARIBOX offers flexibility in the storage of chemicals.

double-walled IBC with flexibility




Galvanizing company De Vries

Founded in 1986, the family-owned company “Galvaniseerbedrijf De Vries” is well-known within the galvanizing industry in the Netherlands. The company started with galvanizing steel. In addition, the company does the surface treatment of stainless steel: pickling and passivation. Since 2020, De Vries has had a third technology in-house, the Sublimotion Process. This is a blasting technique for stainless steel, which creates a unique surface that can be optimally cleaned. The isotropic stainless-steel surface is on a microscopic level 100% in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and very suitable for stainless steel parts of machines for the food industry.

Throughout the years the company kept investing and updating its process for sustainability and to work even more efficiently. The company has customers in many different industrial applications, mainly in the Netherlands. In this featured story we are going to speak with Robin de Vries. Robin is the second generation De Vries within Galvaniseerbedrijf De Vries. He took over the company 3 years ago, back in 2018. 

Interview with Robin de Vries

Robin, could you please explain what your company is using the chemicals delivered in the containers of VARIBOX?

We are using most of the chemicals for our direct process. We must regularly replenish our process baths to maintain the high-quality standard of our products.

Okay, and are there any other purposes where you use chemicals?

Well, we have our own water purification system. We also use chemicals to purify our process water before we discharge the water back. We do so to protect the environment.

The VARIBOX FC, double-walled IBC with flexibility

The unique VARIBOX Full Containment 1000L sets the standard for working safely with chemicals. The double-walled VARIBOX FC with integrated spill containment complies with current storage- and transport regulations. These unique aspects give you a safe solution and the flexibility to place the VARIBOX FC in every desired location, without having to set up additional drip tray facilities.

What is the motivation for you to use the VARIBOX IBCs?

We wanted to increase the safety of handling chemicals within our company, so we asked our supplier to provide the chemicals in safer packaging. So, already years ago, we started to use Promens’ iCon Container. This is because of the double-walled construction. And now we’re using its successor, the VARIBOX.

Any other motivations for the use of the VARIBOX?

Using the VARIBOX is not only increasing safety in our factory, but it is also part of our environmental permit. This permit requires us to store chemicals in a double-walled container.

Reduction of handling of chemicals with the double-walled IBC with flexibility

The core values on which the VARIBOX FC is based are the reduction of handling of chemicals and minimizing the risk of getting in touch with chemicals. While connecting the VARIBOX FC to your system, it remains closed, and you will not be exposed to the chemicals.

Robin, what do you see as the most important benefits of the VARIBOX FC containers?

Next to the double-walled protection, you mean? It gives us flexibility in the safe storage of the chemicals. Next to that, we have a completely closed system from the VARIBOX to our system with tubes for the various processes. This guarantees a much safer environment and prevents mistakes in the handling of chemicals.

What are the VARIBOX containers going to bring you in the future?

Well, in the coming years I want as many chemicals as possible delivered to the VARIBOX. I want to get rid of loose packaging and further enhance safety.

 “With chemicals delivered in the VARIBOX we can safely deliver top quality to our customers.”

More information on the VARIBOX FC, the double-walled IBC with flexibility

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