Drumtainer at the Hospital in Ostrava

Drumtainer at the University Hospital Ostrava. The University Hospital Ostrava is an excellent hospital and is among the leading medical facilities in the Czech Republic. It is the biggest public medical facility in Northern Moravia, providing healthcare to 1.2 million people. Every year, an average of 46,400 patients are hospitalized in 1,100 beds and nearly 600,000 outpatient treatments are performed. The comprehensive nature of the healthcare provided encompasses diagnostics, treatment, and aftercare. University Hospital in Ostrava uses high-end equipment for therapy, monitors modern trends, and has ambitious and effective treatment programs available. Our Regional Head of Sales & Market Development Manager for the CEE Region – Adam Hryniewski visited our customer.

VARIBOX Drumtainer




Drumtainer at the Hospital in Ostrava

Drumtainer at the Hospital in Ostrava

All medical instruments from the outpatient clinics and operating rooms arrive by elevator to the orange “dirty” zone to be cleaned, and disinfected, Additionally, all transport carts and transport containers are also cleaned and disinfected here, which can be seen in the below pictures. Assembly and sterilization are carried out in the blue “clean” zone. Thanks to this process all doctors, nurses, and other hospital employees can use properly sterilized tools and make sure that all activities are done safely and on time. All cleaned/sterilized and packed medical equipment comes back from the green “sterile” zone using the elevator to the hospital’s surgery areas.

Deployment of the Drumtainer from Dr. Weigert Group

Cleaning/Sterilizing equipment located in the hospital uses cleaning & disinfection products provided by our partner BMT Medical Technology s.r.o. from Brno, Czech Republic coming from Dr. Weigert group located in Hamburg, Germany.

It arrives in 200L drums, and until the implementation of the Drumtainer, drums were placed on stationary spill containment trays by hospital employees.

Beforea and after with the Drumtainer

Big improvements done

As you can see in the images there is a big improvement, thanks to the implementation of the Drumtainer (mobile spill containment trays) part of the VARIBOX products family. Our Drumtainer replaced stationary spill containment trays and improved daily work conditions.

Gone are the days of heavy lifting and complex setups for drum spill containment. Thanks to innovation, the old process has been replaced with closed moveable spill containments that offer convenience and safety. These modern spill containments are designed to be easily positioned and connected to the system, eliminating the need for manual lifting and reducing the risk of spills. With improved safety features and ease of use, this advancement has revolutionized the handling of drums in spill-prone environments, making them more effective, and safer for workers. The moveable spill containment has truly elevated the hospital’s standards, providing a seamless and hassle-free solution for spill management.

Drumtainer at the Hospital in Ostrava (2)
Drumtainer at the Hospital in Ostrava (3)
Working in a more ergonomic way

As explained by the head nurse joining us during the visit, till now to place the drums on the stationary spill containment tray, they used the drum lift shown on the picture.

It required a lot of strength and was not friendly to move around. Additionally, the drum after being placed on a tall stationary spill containment tray, made employees’ daily work around it difficult, due to limited accessibility to the drum connection point and improper work ergonomics.

Currently, from delivery to return, the 200-liter drum remains safely in the Drumtainer.  All the time, the Drumtainer acts as a spill container: in case of leakage, the chemical product is safely collected. Adding that all employees working around drums use personal protective equipment during the drum replacement/connection process, the implementation of the Drumtainer took it to next level of safety.

Working in a more ergonomic way

It created an environment of comfort and proper work ergonomics. All of this is positively affecting the well-being of the hospital employees allowing them to perform their duties effectively.

As highlighted by the Head Nurse, now the drum in the Drumtainer can be well maneuvered, also through narrow corridors, in lifts, and through doors. Thanks to the sloped bottom of the Drumtainer the drum is slightly tilted and allows to leave very little residual product. Drum with its connection to the dosing system stays closed under the Drumtainer lid creating another positive factor of using the Drumtainer.

VARIBOX Drumtainer at the hospital

The rotomolded Drumtainer has a unique construction with stainless steel frame and steerable wheels which will enable you to provide long-lasting services with drums in an overpack. The Drumtainer has just a surface area of 0,5 meters which allows it to fit doors and elevators. The overpack is available in different colors and as a wagon version. This wagon version will give you the opportunity to make your own Drumtainer train for more efficient transport. 

VARIBOX Drumtainer
  • 4 large wheels
  • 2 Robust handles
  • Fits all drums
  • 60cm wide
  • Stainless steel frame
  • LLDPE Polyethylene


The VARIBOX Drumtainer can be equipped with VARIBOX Connect on special requests. Connect will give you insights into the location and levels of the drum inside the container. This will give you the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your Drumtainer fleet

Wagon version

The Drumtainer is also available as a wagon version. By choosing this unique train version, you can increase the efficiency of your transport by moving more than one Drumtainer by the handles at a time.