Green and sustainable new Epiim Plant is using VARIBOX

During the past year, CEE market has shown a lot of growth with VARIBOX implementations by distributors and end users. More and more customers are aware of the benefits that VARIBOX Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) provide. In September 2023 our Regional Head of Sales and Market Development CEE – Adam Hryniewski visited our customer in Paide, Estonia.

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Green and sustainable new Epiim Plant

A new high-tech Epiim dairy plant with a total area of 32000 m2 is now completed. The new factory is the most modern dairy facility in Estonia, in the Baltic states. This is significantly upgrading the Estonian dairy industry’s capacity and reinforcing dairy farm-based development efforts in the region. The plant started its operations in August of 2023. Since the new plant will process a whopping 50 percent of all milk produced in Estonia, access to export markets and partnerships with international food producers/distributors is seen as vital to success. Epiim management and employees value continuity and traditions but also contribute to scientific research and innovation. Thanks to this, Epiim is a responsible and sustainable company that values environmentally clean thinking. Epiim cheeses and butter are made from pure and natural milk collected from hundreds of Estonian dairy farms.

Epiim plant in Estonia

VARIBOX is proud to support Epiim

VARIBOX is proud to support Epiim in fulfilling targeted, highest contemporary requirements set for safety, quality, sustainability, and the environment. It cooperates with premium automation and digitalization solutions implemented in the Epiim plant’s process management and safety control.

Our multi-trip, re-usable IBC- VARIBOX FC helps on a day-to-day basis to improve safety, sustainability, and quality targets in the new plant. VARIBOX FC- a durable double-walled Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), at Epiim, works as a perfect solution in cooperation with distributors to fulfill the highest chemical transportation and storage needs with a lifetime of up to 10 years! Through its unique design and through the use of the safeline extractor tube on the top of the IBC, less than 0.5% of residue is left in the IBC. VARIBOX Safeline solution helps to minimize waste, eliminate disposal costs, meets all European storage and transport regulations, and enables a very safe multi-trip transport within its 10-year lifetime.

VARIBOX FC used by Epiim has an integrated spill containment which protects its employees from any leakage whilst also giving them the opportunity to place the VARIBOX FC in any desired location, removing the need to set up any additional drip trays! Thanks to its closed system Varibox FC reduces the manual handling of chemicals minimizing the risk of chemical contact. The pump system is directly attached to the top of the VARIBOX FC which is connected to the internal extractor tube. Another target of safety taken by Epiim is fulfilled, thanks to this completely closed system which eliminates the risk of harm to anyone handling the chemicals.

VARIBOX journey with Epiim does not end here

Additionally, to Varibox FC Epiim implemented Drumtainer-our mobile drip tray for 200-liter drums. The drumtainer is specially developed for the safe and ergonomic transport of drums. Drumtainer’s built-in spill containment eliminates the need for a separate drip tray. Thanks to its mobility, Epiim employees can move it around from warehouse to production areas and place it anywhere very easily and safely. They no longer need to lift the heavy drum to the mandatory drip tray. Drumtainer can be moved by forklift, pallet truck, and by hand. The big wheels and sturdy handles make it easy to move to the right place.

Specially designed for easy and efficient transport Drumtainer is an Overpack in the sense of ADR and has a DIBt approval. The Drumtainer fulfils national and international storage and transport regulations such as the ADR. The bottom of the Drumtainer is slightly tilted, allowing almost complete emptying. This leaves less residual volume in the drum, less waste, and easier cleaning. At the same time avoids high disposal costs. All that with the footprint of half a pallet.

It makes us proud, that VARIBOX FC and Drumtainer helps to lower Epiim’s operational costs and to achieve safety, environmental & sustainability goals on day-to-day basis.

Adam Hryniewski