Optimal use of the VARIBOX at Mr Wash

On this page, you will find a featured story of our VARIBOX in optimal use of the VARIBOX at Mr Wash Autoservice AG. Our New Business Manager Kobus Bruins had a conversation at the Essen headquarters with Mr. Cornelis van de Pol, an authorized officer at Mr. Wash responsible for compliance. Mr. Wash currently has 35 branches in Germany and always focuses on innovation, both in the area of ​​technology and in the range of services. The modern interior cleaning on the assembly line is particularly worth mentioning here. However, the core of success is the team. 

Optimal use of the VARIBOX at Mr Wash




Mr. Wash Entrance

It is the only car wash chain that offers modern interior cleaning on the assembly line at almost all locations. But not only in terms of technology but also with the team, you set standards for friendliness, service, and professionalism. All companies are equipped with the latest recycling technology, which is also an in-house development. This achieves an unmatched quality of recycled water for car washing. Many of the companies are also equipped with solar systems. 

“The latest step in Mr. Wash’s innovative development is the use of the double-walled VARIBOX IBC.”  

Interview with Mr. Cornelis van de Pol

Until recently, our detergents were delivered to your locations in 1,000 liters of IBCs and 220 liters of drums. At your location in Aachen, you have now started delivery in the double-walled IBCs of VARIBOX.

What was the reason for you to look for a new solution for storing your detergents?  

The reason was the regulations set up by the city of Aachen. These made it necessary for us to have a suitable spill containment for the chemicals and detergents stored in “normal” IBCs. Due to the lack of space, the solution also appeared that the current spill containments were not practical. 

What were the disadvantages of the old storage? 

Well, first there was a need for additional spill containment. Next to that our current 1000 litres IBC’s are not being emptied completely because of the design. And the last point is that we had to open the IBC’s to set up a connection for our Washing systems.  

What requirements did you get from the authorities regarding the storage of chemical products? 

We must meet the German Water Resources Act (WHG). On the basis of the WHG, in 2017 the Federal Government issued a regulation on facilities Handling hazardous substances (AwSV). The AwSV establishes uniform requirements for facilities handling hazardous substances throughout Germany. Installations must adequately retain leaked water-polluting substances, they must always have a retaining device for liquids like the spill containment of the double-walled VARIBOX.  

How did you find VARIBOX? 

First, we started to look for new information on the internet and quickly came across the IBCs from VARIBOX. We filled in the contact form on the website and we got in contact with their support. After the contact, we made an appointment with Mr. Kobus Bruins, who then advised us at our location in Essen. During this appointment, all our questions were answered and 4 weeks later the first IBCs of VARIBOX were delivered.  

Mr. Wash Autoservice has a total of 35 locations. What are your plans with the 34 other locations besides the location in Aachen? 

It is planned to convert all existing standard IBCs into VARIBOX. It should be noted that it must be checked whether the space available in the narrow technical rooms of the older locations are suitable for this. Our plans have stalled due to the Corona pandemic. But at the same time, we will install a device in our company that is matched to the removal connection of the VARIBOX. 

The old situation

  • With the standard IBCs the regulations set up by the government of city Aachen were not met.
  • There was a need for additional spill containment to meet the regulations.
  • Our current 1000 liters IBCs are not being emptied completely because of its design. 
  • We had to open the IBCs to set-up a connection to our washing systems.
  • Chemical spills on the floor and on top of the IBC.

The new situation with optimal use of the VARIBOX at Mr Wash 

  • With the VARIBOX no extra spill containment is needed because it has an integrated spill containment.
  • Meets the regulation of the AWsV and the WHG.
  • The IBC will be completely empty. Less than a litre chemical residue left. 
  • Our employees cannot get in contact with the chemicals because they don’t need to open the container when connecting it. 
  • The location where we use the VARIBOX remains clean because of the closed system. 

More information about the optimal use of the VARIBOX at Mr Wash?

Do you have any specific questions regarding the optimal use of the VARIBOX at Mr Wash or about the VARIBOX FC? Please feel free to contact us at info@varibox-ibc.com or you can call +31 (0) 570 660 711