VARIBOX FC in optimum form at the Becks brewery

VARIBOX FC in the optimum form at Beck’s brewery – Wow, what a fantastic day, and what a fantastic story! Our new Business manager Kobus Bruins went to the AB-InBev brewery of Becks in Bremen. AB-InBev is a global leader in brewing beer with many well-known brands. In this story, Kobus spoke with Mrs. Marion Schellin, ES manager, responsible for “Arbeitssicherheit und umweltschutz“ (Labor safety and environmental protection) about our VARIBOX Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).

This interview gives you unique insight into the world of safety within the brewery of Becks. Many different topics as detergents for the process, labor safety, the safety benefits, and the next step.

VARIBOX FC in optimum form




VARIBOX FC in optimum form

The VARIBOX Connect technology is placed inside the VARIBOX Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). The Connect technology is an integral part as you can see in the video, the VARIBOX FC (Full Containment) is a double-walled Intermediate Bulk container. Mrs. Schellin explains how this unique characteristic gives AB-InBev in Bremen the opportunity to stop the use of spill containers because the VARIBOX FC has an integrated spill containment. It also releases the co-workers from checking and cleaning the spill containers.

Safe and simple VARIBOX Safeline system

Mrs. Schellin shows another important safety benefit of the VARIBOX: the extractor tube inside the VARIBOX. With this feature, the co-workers don’t need to put the extractor tube into an open IBC. By using the “click-and-clack adapter” the VARIBOX stays closed and the system is easily up and running.

Fantastic to see how Mrs. Schellin and AB-Inbev in Bremen are working day after day to improve safety in handling and storage of chemicals. We are proud that our VARIBOX products support them in this process.

A special thank you to

Special thank you to; AB-InBev in Bremen, Marion Schellin, and Andreas Schroeder for the interview, support, and hospitality.

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