VARIBOX Safeline – Connect VARIBOX safer now!

Customers, users, and fans of  VARIBOX – Connect VARIBOX safer now! We have some fantastic news to tell you that will make the use of VARIBOX even safer.

As you may know, all components and accessories of the VARIBOX containers are designed for maximum safety during usage. This includes the well-known Safeline extractor tube and Safeline counter coupler. By using this extractor tube and coupler, a leak-free and vapor-free connection are ensured during use as well as when coupling and decoupling.

Encourage to give feedback

We encourage users and our customers to give feedback to further improve the VARIBOX. Users and customers have asked us whether it is possible to connect an acidic chemical container with a lye installation ‘by mistake’. And whether we have a system that can eliminate this dangerous risk. And of course, keep all the good experiences and easy operation of the current extractor tube and coupling.

With this valuable feedback, we started working, together with our partner TriSure who manufactures the extractor tube for us, with the goal to eliminate risks of mixing up by mistake to make the use of the VARIBOX even safer. The EPDM and Viton versions of a VARIBOX, which are usually used for chemicals that you don’t want to mix up because of the potentially dangerous consequences, should become impossible to exchange.

Old situation – mix-ups between EPDM and Viton are possible 

New situation – no mix-ups between EPDM and Viton anymore

The new solution is that we have changed the shapes of the connections: we now supply a dodecagonal-shaped Viton version and a round EPDM version that can impossibly be interconnected. You can’t put a dodecagonal coupler on a round tube. And you can’t connect a round connector on a dodecagonal tube. Mixing up made impossible. In addition, the colours have been changed too. The EPDM version keeps the red accents, the Viton version now has the recognisable green accents. You already know this from other components of the VARIBOX, where the red and green colours also tell what type of VARIBOX it is.

With this new Safeline, the user can no longer mix up the different boxes, and a further improvement of safe working is guaranteed and realized. With this, you as a user of the VARIBOX are even more protected against the risks of working with chemicals.

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Do you want to know how you can Connect VARIBOX to your installation in an even safer way now? Please have a look at our VARIBOX Safeline page or look at the instruction videos on our YouTube channel. Of course, for your VARIBOX Safeline advice contact us at or +310570660711.

Chemical packaging can be (even) safer!