1000L IBC Acetic Acid

The VARIBOX Full Containment or Single Containment 1000L IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) are well known for the safe storage and transport of all concentrations of Acetic acid. In many different markets and applications, the containers of VARIBOX are well known for the safe storage and transport of Acetic acid. All concentrations of the acid can be stored in the VARIBOX. The formula for Acetic acid is CH3COOH and you can find it in the ADR under UN 2789 or UN 2790. The advised version of the VARIBOX for this chemical is EPDM.

VARIBOX Full Containment




1000L IBC Acetic Acid

Acetic acid is a widely used completely colorless chemical substance. Many customers and users rely on our VARIBOX IBCs for the safe storage and transport of this dangerous good. Did you know that acetic acid is also known as ethanoic acid? And that this chemical is the most significant of all the carboxylic acids. By being part of the type of acid, acetic acid can be classified as an organic acid.

Usage of Ethanoic acid in reusable IBCs

Reusing IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) for Ethanoic acid is becoming more and more important. By reusing our containers, users and distributors are helping to protect the environment. Did you know that this ethanoic acid is also packed in reusable IBCs in the food and beverage industry? These days in this industry reusability is becoming the new standard. Next to the food industry, we see that reusing containers for acetic acid is becoming familiar in other sectors such as cleaning and the production of coatings and adhesives.

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Acetic acid flashpoint

Acetic acid can have a low flashpoint. Concentrations of Acetic acid above approx. 80% will have a flashpoint of ~60°C. When IBCs are used for the transport of liquids with a flash-point of 60°C or lower, measures have to be taken to prevent electrostatic discharge.

Use EPDM for Acetic acid

Viton seals are not suitable in combination with Acetic acid: the Viton material will crumble when in contact with Acetic acid! Always choose the EPDM version for the safe use of your VARIBOX for Acetic acid. The most important numbers for this chemical substance are:

  • Formula CH3OOH
  • CAS number 64-19-7
  • UN number 2789 or 2790
  • ADR class 8
  • ADR Packaging Group II

Check out our suitable IBCs for Acetic Acid

We provide packaging for chemical distribution that excels in safety, reusability, and sustainability.

VARIBOX Single Containment


Single Containment
  • 10x longer lifetimes than other IBCs
  • 99% recyclable material
  • DN50-PN10 heavy-duty valve
VARIBOX Full Containment


Full Containment
  • 110% spill containment integrated
  • 10x longer lifetime
  • <0.5 liters of residue after usage
VARIBOX Compact Containment


Compact Containment
  • Eliminates physical lifting
  • No drip trays required
  • 100% closed system