Reusable IBCs

The VARIBOX SC, CC, and FC are Reusable IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers), the perfect solution to your chemical transportation and storage needs. Through its unique design and heavy-duty construction, the VARIBOX has a lifetime of up to 10 years! By using the extractor tube on top of the VARIBOX FC or the heavy-duty valve at the bottom of the VARIBOX SC, minimal residue will be left in the IBC. This minimizes waste and enables safe transport, trip after trip, year after year.

Reusable IBCs




Benefits of reusable IBCs

IBCs designed for reuse

What is the circular economy strategy reuse? It consists of reusing a product for the same purpose, in its original form, and without altering or enhancing it. Reusing compared to recycling preserves more of its embedded value in terms of energy, materials, labor, and capital.

The VARIBOX IBC has been designed for reuse:

  • It follows modular design principles, as the Varibox is built from roto-moulded parts (pallets, inner bottles, and covers) that can be combined into several versions. The product is easy to maintain, and it doesn’t contain multi-layer-material or other inseparable materials, so the VARIBOX components can be easily prepared for further uses.
  • VARIBOX products are of high quality and last longer than “classical IBC” alternatives, it has been designed for intensive usage for many years. The inner bottle must be changed after up to 5 years*, according to ADR regulations, with a new inner bottle the VARIBOX is ready for the next 5 years.
  • The VARIBOX has an all-plastic design, without exterior steel parts, that provides you with a corrosion-free corporate image year after year.

*For Hydrofluoric acid and Nitric acid with a concentration superior to 55%, ADR regulation requires the inner bottle to be changed after 2 years.

Benefits of reusable IBCs in a circular economy

Reusing your IBC preserves more of its embedded value than recycling it, which is generally costlier and a more energy-intensive process. This refers to the “power of the inner circle”, the activity of reusing a product or packaging is often preferred, from a Circular Economy point of view.


Advantages of reusable IBCs for its owner and end-user

  • Customer loyalty and chemical distributor commitment to sustainability
  • No IBC’s end-of-life management is required from the end-user
  • Improved IBC quality (heavy-duty valve, pallet)
  • Help you reach your internal sustainability goals

Moreover, the longer your IBC can be reused, the lesser you will need IBCs to realize the same number of use cycles. Overall, the costs and emissions are reduced by reusing packaging, as well as, providing owners and end-users with additional advantages.

Reusable IBCs vs. Single-use IBCs

Reusable IBCs vs. Single-use IBCs

Our reusable IBC is made by rotational molding. With its high wall thickness, the VARIBOX has improved mechanical and chemical resistance. Therefore, reusable IBCs like the VARIBOX provide you with long-lasting services. When the IBC needs to be returned to the distributor to be reused, the packaging needs to be durable as well as easily cleaned. Financial investments and the added environmental impact that comes with the production, return logistics, and maintenance of the VARIBOX are compensated, as the costs and emissions are spread out over multiple use cycles of the same packaging.

More information about reusable IBCs

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