VARIBOX Connect Fleet Efficiency

An important benefit of VARIBOX Connect is, that you will have the opportunity to increase your Fleet Efficiency for maximal profit. VARIBOX Connect will give you tools to gain insights into the complete process from filling at a warehouse until the usage of the chemical product at the customer. On this page, you will see three ways to increase the efficiency of your VARIBOX Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) fleet.

VARIBOX Fleet Efficieny PC

Data insights

Customer Satisfaction

Fleet efficiency

Match consumption rate

With VARIBOX Connect you will have insight into the consumption of chemicals at your customers and when they will run out of your product.​ With this data generated by Connect, you can match the consumption of your customers with your process. By optimizing your process you will have no more last-minute disruptions and you will always be on time to serve your customers with new products.

VARIBOX Connect Match consumption rate
VARIBOX Connect Reduce time empty or time full

Reduce time empty or time full

Your VARIBOX IBCs are reusable multi-trip containers that will provide you with long-lasting services for up to ten years. You want to do as many trips as possible in this time period. With VARIBOX Connect you will have insights into the usage of each container. By reducing the periods “empty” and “full” you can increase the circulation speed of your VARIBOX fleet.​ By doing this, you can do more trips with each container and sell more of your chemical product. And you can serve more customers with the same fleet of VARIBOX Containers. This means you will have to purchase fewer VARIBOX containers.

Optimize your logistic process

With the insights generated by VARIBOX Connect, you will have the opportunity to optimize your logistics process: you know the exact location of your fleet and when it is at each of those locations.​ Predict the pick-up dates, see what else can be served on route, and plan transport routes more efficiently.​ So you can pick up more VARIBOX Containers with less transport which will decrease your transport costs. 

VARIBOX Conenct Optimize your logistic process

More information about VARIBOX Connect Fleet Efficiency

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