Safest IBC for acids

We are proud that STOCKMEIER has chosen the VARIBOX Full Containment 1000 liter IBC, the safest IBC for acids. Market development in Germany shows that the demand and need for safe transport and storage of chemicals are increasing. Particularly in the case of acids, there is a special concern about the handling of these hazardous substances. With the decision to use VARIBOX Intermediate Bulk Containers on a large scale, STOCKMEIER wants to react to the developments and supply its customers with acids in the safest way possible.

Safest IBC for acids

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The advantages of using the safest IBC for acids

An important advantage is that STOCKMEIERs customers are protected during the use of the VARIBOX due to its double-walled construction. Double-walled means that the inner container is completely enclosed by an outer container, which is therefore also the integrated spill containment. Using a container with an integrated spill container makes handling safer, as there is no longer any possibility of the hazardous substance spilling out of the valve. An additional drip tray on which an IBC has to be placed is thus no longer necessary. This also ensures that customers can comply with the AwSV guidelines.

When safety is priority number 1

Employees using the VARIBOX are protected against chemical contact by the fully enclosed VARIBOX Safeline system. With robust plug-and-play couplings, this extractor system is connected from above. Without opening the screw cap, without operating a valve, and without climbing: the connection is in an ergonomic position. And with the incompatibility of acid and alkali couplings, incorrect connections are prevented.

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VARIBOX Connect Personal Dashboard

VARIBOX Connect integrated

But it doesn’t stop at these safety aspects, there’s more. As you may have read, STOCKMEIER has decided to equip every VARIBOX with VARIBOX Connect. By equipping them with this unique track-and-trace system, STOCKMEIER has a precise overview of the available chemical products. VARIBOX Connect is specially adapted to the VARIBOX and is part of the UN approval. It enables optimal control of the filling level and temperature of a VARIBOX. A website reports for each VARIBOX when it is expected to be empty and thus optimizes the use of the VARIBOX for STOCKMEIER and its customers.

Discover all the advantages of the safest IBC for acids at a glance

STOCKMEIER made a special leaflet with the unique benefits for its customers, check it out below!

VARIBOX FC 1000L, the safest IBC for acids

The double-walled VARIBOX is available in an EPDM or Viton version depending on the chemicals that will be packed in the container. This will be fully matched to the Safeline system. But of course, the VARIBOX FC is also applicable for other extractor tubes. The full containment IBCs are available in many different colors as blue, dark blue, yellow, orange, green, and natural to match your product coding. Next to that, to be 100% safe the containers are equipped with automatic venting in terms of a pressure relief vent or combi-vent.

VARIBOX Connect Integrated Connectivity Solution
  • 1000 Liter
  • LLDPE Polyethylene 
  • 1.9KG Density
  • +40 – 20 filling temperature 
  • 122 KG weight
  • 1 0n 1 stackable


Every VARIBOX FC can be equipped with VARIBOX Connect. This gives you as a supplier or user of chemicals the opportunity to maximize the efficiency of your VARIBOX fleet.


The VARIBOX FC can be equipped with the VARIBOX Safeline System. An easy-to-use system consisting of an extractor tube in the container that can be connected to your system by using a coupler