VARIBOX Drumtainer, the mobile spill containment for drums

The VARIBOX Drumtainer is an UN-approved overpack for all types of drums (200 – 230 liter). This easy-to-use overpack with 110% integrated spill containment has 4 large wheels which give you the opportunity to place the Drumtainer on any desired location without the need to set up drip tray facilities. The unique overpack makes sure that you will have your drums safely and hygienically packed without lifting or touching the drums.

VARIBOX Drumtainer




Drumtainer for safe transport and storage of drums

VARIBOX Drumtainer the mobile overpack

Mobile overpack for drums

  • No lifting for drums anymore
  • No hassling of jerrycans anymore
  • No pallet truck needed
VARIBOX Drumtainer 110% spill containment

110% spill containment

  • No drip facilities required 
  • Meet storage regulations
  • Place on any desired location
VARIBOX Drumtainer Safe workplace

Safe workplace

  • Chemicals in a secured container
  • Hygienic installation
  • No contact with the drum

Meet regulations with the mobile overpack – the Drumtainer

Pack your chemicals in the safest containers for you and the environment that complies with the latest regulations.

PGS 15
PSG 31

VARIBOX Drumtainer facts

The rotomolded Drumtainer has a unique construction with stainless steel frame and steerable wheels which will enable you to provide long-lasting services with drums in an overpack. The Drumtainer has just a surface area of 0,5 meters which allows it to fit doors and elevators. The overpack is available in different colors and as a wagon version. This wagon version will give you the opportunity to make your own Drumtainer train for more efficient transport. 

VARIBOX Drumtainer
  • 4 large wheels
  • 2 Robust handles
  • Fits all drums
  • 60cm wide
  • Stainless steel frame
  • LLDPE Polyethylene


The VARIBOX Drumtainer can be equipped with VARIBOX Connect on special requests. Connect will give you insights into the location and levels of the drum inside the container. This will give you the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your Drumtainer fleet

Wagon version

The Drumtainer is also available as a wagon version. By choosing this unique train version, you can increase the efficiency of your transport by moving more than one Drumtainer by the handles at a time.

VARIBOX Drumtainer the sustainable overpack

VARIBOX Drumtainer Train

Reusable overpack

  • A proven lifetime of 10 years
  • Maintenance-free
  • No disposable packaging required
VARIBOX Drumtainer Low residue after usage

Low residue after usage

  • Tilted position
  • Less chemical waste
  • Reduces cleaning effort
98% Recyclable material

98% recyclable

  • End-of-lifetime recycling
  • Easily separable parts
  • 90% mono materials

Request your VARIBOX Drumtainer quotation

Request your quotation for the VARIBOX Drumtainer, the reusable mobile overpack for drums with a lifetime of up to 10 years. The unique UN-approved overpack has an integrated spill containment of 110% which gives you the flexibility to place the Drumtainer on any desired location without the need to set up drip facilities. 

In short, with the VARIBOX Drumtainer, you will create a safe and hygienic workplace with no need to lift or touch drums of all sizes.

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