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Request your Connect Demo now. VARIBOX Connect is the first-ever fully integrated and completely UN-approved connectivity solution on an IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container). Even better, it is the next step for a chemicals supplier to get the maximum out of the VARIBOX container fleet.

Request your Connect Demo

Data insights

Customer Satisfaction

Fleet efficiency

VARIBOX Connect in a nutshell

With VARIBOX Connect you will gain insight into customer behavior. By having knowledge of the location and the level of each VARIBOX you can anticipate what’s going to happen and improve customer performance.

With Connect you can take even better care of your customers. You can offer your customers a higher level of service and support them just before they realize they need you. In other words, generate a significant competitive advantage.

But there is more, with VARIBOX Connect you can match the consumption of your customers with your own processes which means no more last-minute disruptions. 

By having insights into the exact location of your fleet and the duration at each of those locations you can optimize your logistics process and predict pick-up dates, see what else can be served on the route, and plan transport routes more efficiently.

VARIBOX Connect Personal Dashboard
VARIBOX Data Insights Landscape

What’s included in the demo?

During the demo, you will learn to know all the ins and outs of the fully integrated VARIBOX Connect solution. First, you see a small presentation of all the benefits and the insights of Connect. Thereafter you will see the Connect website and what it shows the different users and what actions can be taken from here. After the walk-through, you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you want to ask. 

Benefit from Connect on your IBCs now

VARIBOX Connect Data Insights Landscape

Data insights

  • Improve customer performance 
  • Ability to forecast accurately
  • Always deliver in time
VARIBOX Connect Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Close improved contracts
  • Significant competitive advantage
VARIBOX Connect Fleet Efficiency

Fleet Efficiency

  • Increase circulation speed
  • No last-minute disruptions
  • Optimize transport