Meet our VARIBOX team. With two different production locations, one in Montoir, France, and one in Deventer, the Netherlands, we have a strong European footprint. In the safest way, we produce our VARIBOX Single containment in Montoir, France, and the VARIBOX FC, VARIBOX CC, and Drumtainer in Deventer, the Netherlands. With all our colleagues we support you to create a safe working environment with chemicals.




Sebastien Dufour

My name is Sebastien Dufour. I am Sales Manager and responsible for France.

“I believe in the safe usage of our VARIBOX IBC for the transport of dangerous goods but also in the circular economy where our reusable packaging plays such a significant role in the chemical industry.”

Arthur Franken

My name is Arthur Franken and I am the account manager for the Benelux and Scandinavia regions.
“Building a secure future together with you by using our packaging”

Christophe Maricourt

“My name is Christophe Maricourt (C.Maricourt@varibox-ibc.com) I am a Sales Rep in charge of the Spanish, Portuguese, and United Kingdom markets (existing and new business).

“I believe that the safety and reusability of our IBC solutions are key values for handling and storage of hazardous chemicals. We have a role to play in building safer workplaces and environments in chemical distribution.”

Adam Hryniewski

My name is Adam Hryniewski and I am the Regional Head of Sales for CEE.
Trust and confidence in the approach to sustainability and safety aspects are key factors for me. Your commitment as a customer is much appreciated.  I look forward to our cooperation.

Torben Pfeffer

My name is Torben Pfeffer and I am an account manager for Germany.
“My drive is to make the handling of chemicals safer. The Varibox with its components offers the highest level of work and transport safety and, due to its nature and quality, is designed for long-lasting and therefore sustainable use.”

Ronald van Meerveld

My name is Ronald van Meerveld. I am responsible for customer service at Deventer. 
“My goal is to maintain, deepen and broaden the relationship with our customers as much as possible, in order to pursue and ensure our long-term cooperation.”

Peter Heijink

Hello, my name is Peter Heijink and I am responsible for the product development and homologation of VARIBOX products in Deventer, The Netherlands.
It’s my goal to listen to our customers and users, understand their needs and dreams, and translate those needs and dreams into innovative products.

Jeffrey Wielink

My name is Jeffrey Wielink. I am Brand Manager and responsible for the marketing on our VARIBOX website, LinkedIn and YouTube. 
“My goal is to improve and extend our digital presence”. 

Our production locations

We have two different production locations in Europe. The first one is in Montoir de Bretagne where we have our French production location At this location, we produce our VARIBOX Single Containment.  The second location is in the Netherlands in Deventer. At this location, we produce the VARIBOX Full Containment and the VARIBOX Compact Containment.