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The sustainable, reusable, and safe design and construction allow our VARIBOX IBC’s to be used in many different applications in multiple markets. On this page, you will find different featured stories with the experiences in safety, reusability, and sustainability of suppliers of chemical or detergents and users that show how our Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). We hope that those stories will inspire companies and users to enhance safe handling with chemicals and improve their environmental footprint.

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Stories about the safety of our IBCs

The VARIBOX Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are specially designed en produced to excel in safety, reusability, and sustainability. A lot of the stories you will find on our website are showing the experiences of our customers and the users of our customers with safety. By sharing these experiences we hope that you see practical examples of how to enhance and improve safety within chemical distribution and chemical handling. And at the end of the day, The goal of VARIBOX is to create a working environment with chemicals where safety is the number one priority.

Sustainable chemical containers

Sustainability is becoming more and more important. We work hard to meet our VARIBOX environmental responsibilities and help our customers and the users of the VARIBOX Intermediate Bulk Containers to achieve their environmental responsibilities. By sharing experiences of our durable VARIBOX containers with at least a minimum lifetime of up to five years we hope to inspire our customers and the users of the Intermediate Bulk Containers to improve their carbon footprint.

Share your experience with the VARIBOX IBCs in Featured Stories

Do you want to share your safety or sustainability experiences with the VARIBOX Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) with us in a featured Story? Or do you have questions regarding one of the stories? Please contact us.