Central and Eastern region of Europe expands its Drumtainer applications

It makes us extremely satisfied, that one of our long-time partners, Dr Weigert expand its Drumtainer applications for its customers in Poland. Cooperation with our Regional Head of Sales and Market Development CEE brings great results. Cleaning/Sterilizing equipment located in the hospitals uses cleaning & disinfection products provided by our partner in Poland Dr. Weigert Sp. z o.o.  Following our great cooperation in Czech republic with Dr Weigert, Polish facility with Head office in Warsaw and their end users are able to benefit from using drumatiners for chemical transport and storage.Currently drumtainers are being installed in many hospitals and medical facilities around Poland.

VARIBOX Drumtainer




Situation in hospitals & medical facilities before Drumtainer installation & use

Products arrive to hospitals and medical facilities in 200L drums, and until the implementation of drumtainers, drums were placed on stationary spill containment trays by hospital employees.

VARIBOX Drumtainer in use

Drumtainers (mobile spill containment trays) are a part of VARIBOX products family. As you can see below thanks to drumtainer (mobile spill containment trays) implementation Dr Weigert,  improved a lot day to day way of working, safety aspects for the medical facilities and hospital employees.

Drumtainer at the Hospital in Ostrava (2)
Drumtainer at the Hospital in Ostrava (3)

Currently from delivery to return, the 200-liter drum remains safely in the Drumtainer. All the time, the Drumtainer acts as a spill container: in case of leakage, the chemical product is safely collected. Adding that all employees working around drums use personal protective equipment during drum replacement/connection process, implementation of drumtainers took it to next level of safety. It created an environment of comfort and proper work ergonomics. All of this is positively affecting the well -being of the hospital employees allowing them to perform their duties effectively.

Currently where implemented the drum in the drumtainer can be well maneuver, also through narrow corridors, in lifts, and through doors. Thanks to the sloped bottom of the drumtainer the drum is slightly tilted and allows to leave very little residual product. Drum with its connection to the dosing system stays closed under the drumtainer lid creating another positive factor of using drumtainers.

Drumtainer at the Hospital in Ostrava (2)

Meeting today’s drum storage & delivery market expectations by Dr Weigert Poland

Dr Weigert is making many presentations of drumtainer to its customers during everyday visits and organized symposiums.

During that time all benefits of having drums delivered in drumtainers is discussed with medical facility and hospital employees. Pictures from presentations during recent symposiums below.

VARIBOX Drumtainer

The rotomolded Drumtainer has a unique construction with stainless steel frame and steerable wheels which will enable you to provide long-lasting services with drums in an overpack. The Drumtainer has just a surface area of 0,5 meters which allows it to fit doors and elevators. The overpack is available in different colors and as a wagon version. This wagon version will give you the opportunity to make your own Drumtainer train for more efficient transport. 

VARIBOX Drumtainer
  • 4 large wheels
  • 2 Robust handles
  • Fits all drums
  • 60cm wide
  • Stainless steel frame
  • LLDPE Polyethylene


The VARIBOX Drumtainer can be equipped with VARIBOX Connect on special requests. Connect will give you insights into the location and levels of the drum inside the container. This will give you the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your Drumtainer fleet

Wagon version

The Drumtainer is also available as a wagon version. By choosing this unique train version, you can increase the efficiency of your transport by moving more than one Drumtainer by the handles at a time.