Connecting the AS coupler to the AS Extractor tube

Connecting the coupler in the correct way on the AS Extractor tube is really important. Therefore you will find a video about connecting the coupler on the extractor tube installed in our VARIBOX IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) on this page. The double-walled VARIBOX FC 1000 or VARIBOX CC 250 liters are specially designed to enhance safety in many different markets. Its unique design creates a completely closed system where chemical contact will be avoided. To get the chemical product out of the IBC is simple: fit the AS counter coupler coming from the pump system onto the connection point on the top of our VARIBOX.

Important note, the AS trademark is owned by A.S. Strömungstechnik GmbH.

Connect the AS coupler




Connecting the coupler on the AS Extractor tube

The extractor tube is a tube in the VARIBOX that reaches the lowest point of the inner container. A coupler can be connected to the extractor tube. An extractor tube is an option on the VARIBOX that allows the product to be pumped out of the VARIBOX without opening the VARIBOX. This makes safe working with chemicals possible, fumes and chemical products cannot escape from the VARIBOX.

The how-to video

In this two and a half minutes video you will see how to connect the coupler to the AS connection point on top of our VARIBOX Container. It all starts with removing the protective cap of the connection point. After removing the cap, you take the coupler connected to the pump system and put it in the connection point. Then you turn in the good direction and secure it. The video also shows you how to disconnect the coupler. This exactly the same process but then reversed.

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