Connect the level sensor

On this page, you will find a video on how to connect your pump system to the level sensor in the double-walled VARIBOX IBCs. There are three different level sensors; the empty sensor, the low-level sensor, and the full sensor. The video below will show you how to connect and disconnect the sensors.

Connect the level sensor




Connect the level sensor

There is a plug connection on top of the VARIBOX. A cable with the correct 2-pole plug can be connected here. First, remove the cover from the plug connection and then place the plug on the connection. The plug can only be placed in one way, as can be seen from the slot and the corresponding edge. After insertion, the plug can be secured by tightening the swivel that is around the plug.

The empty sensor

The empty sensor is a sensor in the VARIBOX (option) that knows when the VARIBOX FC is almost empty: when approximately 1-liter liquid is remaining. You can connect your system to the empty sensor that sends a signal when the VARIBOX is almost empty and which can automatically switch off a pump.

The low-level sensor

The low-level sensor is a sensor in the VARIBOX (option) that knows when there are approximately 50 liters of remaining content in the VARIBOX  A system can be connected to the low-level sensor, which then emits a signal or switches off the pump.

The full sensor

The full sensor is a sensor in the VARIBOX that knows when the VARIBOX is almost full: approximately 25-liter capacity is left. A system can be connected to the full sensor that emits a signal when the VARIBOX is full or that switches off a pump.

The connection diagram 

This diagram gives you guidance on how to set up your installation in connection with the level sensor in a VARIBOX IBC. You can use the sensors to switch off your pump system and/or provide an alarm to act upon. 

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