Connecting the NS4 coupler on to our IBC

On this page, you will find a video about connecting the NS4 coupler to our IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container). The double-walled VARIBOX IBCs are specially designed to enhance safety in many different markets. Its unique design creates a completely closed system where chemical contact will be avoided. To get the chemical product out of the IBC is simple: click the counter coupler coming from the pump system onto the extractor tube in our VARIBOX. There are several extractor tubes available for the VARIBOX, like the VARIBOX Safeline Performance and Precision and the NS4 extractor tube.

Connect the NS4 Coupler




The NS4 video

Connecting the NS4 coupler on to our IBC

An NS4 extractor tube is a tube in the VARIBOX that reaches the lowest point of the inner container. A coupler can be connected to the NS4 extractor tube. With the VARIBOX, an NS4 extractor tube is an option with which the product can be pumped out of the VARIBOX without opening the VARIBOX. This enables safe working with chemicals and toxic fumes and chemical products cannot escape from the VARIBOX container. A return connection is required for certain dosing systems. This is a standard function of the NS4 extractor tube.

The minimal residue after emptying

Very little product remains behind in the VARIBOX because the NS4 extractor tube sits at the lowest point of the inner container. Handling and transporting the empty VARIBOX is therefore safer. After emptying, approximately 0.1 liters remain in the VARIBOX. Less than 0.1 liter remains in the NS4 extractor tube itself. These quantities are based on water and will vary per chemical product.  Besides that, the NS4 extractor tube has been developed for use with a variety of chemicals. The NS4 extractor tube is resistant to most chemicals, but it is very important to choose the correct version.

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