DIBt approval for VARIBOX CC

We proudly present you with the new DIBt approval for the VARIBOX CC. Now all double-walled VARIBOX 250, 800, 1000 liter IBCs are DIBt approved!

That means that all VARIBOX FC and CC containers meet the highest technical standards – not just for transport but with the approval from the DIBt authority also for storage of dangerous goods. 

When safety is priority number one 

The IBCs of VARIBOX are setting the new standard in working safely with chemicals. All we do from designing, producing until the final step in our process, in everything we do safety is our number one priority. By sticking to these core values we try to help together with our customers to protect people and the environment. By meeting the highest standards and regulations we ensure that the VARIBOX IBC can be used in the safest manner. That’s why we are so proud of the new DIBt approval.

Request your safety advise

For your personal safety advice on packaging please contact us. We gladly want to support you in making working with chemicals more safely. But there is more, the VARIBOX FC and CC IBCs have an integrated spill containment of 110%. The benefit of the integrated spill containment for the users of the VARIBOX: it is now possible to place the container in any desired location and still meet the regulations for spill containment. 

Approval on the VARIBOX FC and VARIBOX CC

Both Intermediate Bulk Containers in the images below are approved by DIBt. 

More information about the DIBT approval on VARIBOX

Do you have any questions regarding the DIBT approval on VARIBOX or do you want additional information please feel free to contact us at info@varibox-ibc.com or you can call +31 570 660 711. For the official DIBT document, you can download the PDF below.