Eco-design of the VARIBOX

On this page, you will find the 8 principles of the eco-design of the VARIBOX SC. Everything we do including designing and running our operations is aimed at a sustainable and healthy future. We work hard to meet our VARIBOX environmental responsibilities and help our customers to achieve their environmental responsibilities in the distribution of chemicals.

Design for intensive use

The VARIBOX Single Containment is specially designed for intensive use. The robust construction of the container keeps the chemical product safely inside during transport and usage, trip after trip, year after year.

Eco-design of the VARIBOX -Reusable for up to 10 years

The VARIBOX SC is an UN-approved Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) with a lifetime of up to 10 years. Only the inner container needs to be replaced after 5 years. Compared to a “standard” IBC which has an average life of one year. If you compare a VARIBOX with standard IBCs it means that you need ten “standard” IBCs for just one VARIBOX. So, by using the VARIBOX SC, fewer plastics and other materials are being used, which is much better for the environment.

Uncorroded outer container

The VARIBOX SC has been designed with a plastic outer container. A standard IBC has an inner container with a metal cage. The metal cage is prone to corrosion. With the full plastic outer container of the VARIBOX, there is no chance of corrosion. That means that the container can be used for longer which is better for the environment.

Manufactured from 100% recyclable materials

The VARIBOX SC is manufactured from 100% recyclable materials. All parts are made from mono-materials and can be recycled and used in the future for new IBCs or other products.

No residue – 100% drain eliminates waste 

After emptying there will be no residue left in the VARIBOX SC. The container is designed to optimize emptying. The 100% drainage eliminates chemical waste. Which is better for our environment. No chemical residue also ensures the safe transport of the IBC.

Easily separable parts – simplifies recycling of materials

The VARIBOX SC is designed to be easily separable. When reaching the end of the lifetime, the VARIBOX can easily be taken apart and parts can be divided and prepared for recycling.  

Reduction of hazardous packaging waste

Once filled with chemicals, IBCs may become hazardous packaging waste. Because the VARIBOX SC is truly reusable for 5 years, compared to a standard IBC which is reused for 1 year, there is a reduction in hazardous packaging waste because you only use 1 IBC instead of 5 IBCs. 

Improving your carbon footprint

By re-using the VARIBOX SC for 10 years (with the replacement of the inner container after 5 years) the carbon footprint will be improved because you only have CO2 emissions during the first and the fifth year when the new parts are manufactured. Compared to a standard IBC with an average lifetime of year, you have CO2 emissions from its manufacturing every year.

More information about the Eco-design of the VARIBOX

The VARIBOX SC is a rotomolded IBC with a lifetime of up to 10 years. Only the inner container needs to be replaced for up to 5 years. The truly reusable VARIBOX SC is the only IBC from VARIBOX which is available with coding colors and logos to match your company profile. The perfect way to differentiate your containers from your competition.

VARIBOX Single Containment 1000L
  • 1000 liters
  • LLDPE Polyethylene 
  • 1.9KG Density
  • +40 – 20 filling temperature 
  • 105 KG weight
  • 1 0n 1 stackable


Every VARIBOX SC can be equipped with VARIBOX Connect. This gives you as a supplier of chemicals the opportunity to maximize the efficiency of your VARIBOX fleet.


Every VARIBOX SC can be equipped with a DN50-PN10 heavy-duty valve for safe transport and storage. The valve is available in many different inner threads or Camlock versions to meet your requirements.