FAQ EPDM or Viton

This FAQ EPDM or Viton contains frequently asked questions about EPDM or Viton seals that are used in the VARIBOX. This FAQ explains seals used in the VARIBOX and their materials. It also helps to choose the correct material for your application. In the end, you will find a general guidance table.

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Which material is better?

FAQ EPDM or Viton chemical guidelines

ProductConc.FormulaUN number(s)Gasket material
Acetic acidAllCH3COOHUN 2789; UN 2790EPDM
Ammonia<20%NH3UN 2672EPDM
Citric acidAllC6H8O7UN 3265EPDM
Hydrochloric acidAllHClUN 1789Viton
Hydrofluoric acid≤60%HFUN 1790Viton
Hydrogen peroxide≤60%H2O2UN 2014*; UN 2984*Viton
Nitric acid≤55%HNO3UN 2031Viton
Nitric acid55-62%HNO3UN 2031Viton
Peroxyacetic acid≤5%C2H4O3UN 3149*Viton
Peroxyacetic acid5-15%C2H4O3UN 3109*Viton
Phosphoric acidAllH3PO4UN 1805EPDM
Potassium hydroxideAllKOHUN 1814EPDM
Sodium chloriteAllNaClO2UN 1908EPDM
Sodium hydroxideAllNaOHUN 1824EPDM
Sodium hypochloriteAllNaOClUN 1791*Viton
Sulfuric acidAllH2SO4UN 1830Viton
*: overpressure relief vent is required or advised

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