Intermediate Bulk Containers

The Intermediate Bulk Containers from VARIBOX are durable multi-trip containers that will provide you with long-lasting services. There are several versions of VARIBOX IBC’s, for many different applications in different markets. First of all, we have the intermediate bulk container VARIBOX Single Containment or VARIBOX SC in 1000 and 800 litres. This robust container has a valve at the bottom of the container as you can see in the picture below. This container is on the market since 2014 and has provided services to many companies in different countries and markets. 

Intermediate bulk containers

The Full Containment IBC

Another type of container that can provide you with long-lasting services is the double-walled VARIBOX Full Containment or VARIBOX FC IBCs. These containers are available in 1000 and 800 litres. The VARIBOX FC is the intermediate bulk container that sets a new standard for working safely with chemicals. This has a completely closed system that protects you and the environment from chemical contact and spillage of the chemicals. The VARIBOX FC can be connected to your pump system by VARIBOX Safeline Performance. 

VARIBOX Full Containment 1000L

The Compact Containment Containers

The smallest type of intermediate bulk container by VARIBOX is the VARIBOX Compact Containment or VARIBOX CC. This is a 250 litres container which is very suitable for the smallest spaces in any location. This intermediate bulk container sets the standard for ergonomic working with chemicals because the physical lifting of drums and barrels is not necessary anymore. And it still has integrated spill containment.

More information about Intermediate Bulk Containers of VARIBOX

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