New userguides for our IBCs

The new userguides for our IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) are available now. The 2021 version 28 is out now for our double-walled VARIBOX Full Containment (FC) 1000 and 800 litres. Next to that, the 2021 version for the VARIBOX Compact Containment 250L is also available. It explains its components but also gives guidance on handling, maintenance, cleaning and inspection of VARIBOX IBCs.

For safe usage of your IBCs

The userguides are full of tips and tops to make sure that you can use the VARIBOX IBCs in the safest way. It provides you with information about chemical resistance, filling, venting, labelling, and many other things. But there is more. As you may know, the double-walled containers of VARIBOX do have a completely closed system. This is called the VARIBOX Safeline system and user guidance has been added to safely connect your IBCs.

Explanation of the approvals in the new userguides for our IBCs 

Our customer service often receives questions about regulations and approvals. In the new user guides, there is a detailed explanation of the UN-approval and the DIBt-approval. It shows you how to read the markings on the IBCs and explains what they mean for your application.