Plastic container

Are you looking for a plastic container to transport and store your chemical substances such as hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide safely? Then the VARIBOX SC or VARIBOX FC are the plastics containers where you were looking for. The plastic containers from VARIBOX are specially designed for safety and durability. Thanks to the completely closed system, you cannot come into contact with the chemicals, and you are assured of your safety.

About our VARIBOX plastic container

The chemicals inside the plastic container from VARIBOX are protected by an inner container and an outer container. Besides that, there is a built-in reinforcement of steel bars to give your VARIBOX a lifetime of up 10 years.  The container is made of polyethylene and available in different colors to meet your corporate identity and colors. In the more than 50 years that Rotovia Deventer and Rotovia France exists, we have developed many different plastic containers for the storage and transport of chemicals. With all this knowledge and experience and can you make sure that the VARIBOX meets your wide range of chemical products for many different industries. 

The benefits of the VARIBOX plastic container

The plastic containers from VARIBOX are specially designed for secure storage and transport of your chemicals. The containers are built to last and are also suitable for intensive use. Other important advantages of the different types of plastic containers are:  

  • The VARIBOX has an integrated spill containment so that the container can be placed anywhere
  • The VARIBOX FC has a completely closed system, so chemical contact will be avoided. Also, toxic fumes will be avoided. 
  • Both types are extremely suitable for re-use
  • The VARIBOX is easy to clean and prevents contamination of your product
  • The VARIBOX FC is Double-walled which ensures optimum protection and a long service life
  • Both plastic containers are available with pressure relief vents for chemicals that build up pressure so that the pressure in the container remains the same during transport or storage. 

Check out our plastic IBCs

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VARIBOX Single Containment


Single Containment
  • 10x longer lifetimes than other IBCs
  • 99% recyclable material
  • DN50-PN10 heavy-duty valve
VARIBOX Full Containment


Full Containment
  • 110% spill containment integrated
  • 10x longer lifetime
  • <0.5 liters of residue after usage
VARIBOX Compact Containment


Compact Containment
  • Eliminates physical lifting
  • No drip trays required
  • 100% closed system