Optimize Sodium Hypochlorite Distribution with VARIBOX IBCs

The distribution of Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), a highly reactive and widely used chemical, demands the highest safety and compliance standards. Across Europe, leading chemical distributors trust VARIBOX Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for their superior safety features and adaptability. Recognized for their robust construction and advanced safety mechanisms, VARIBOX IBCs are specifically designed to handle all concentrations of Sodium hypochlorite safely and efficiently.

1000L IBC Peroxyacetic acid




Why VARIBOX is the Preferred Choice for Sodium Hypochlorite?

Sodium hypochlorite, identified under UN 1791 in ADR guidelines, is a potent oxidizer that requires careful handling to prevent accidents and environmental damage. VARIBOX IBCs address these safety concerns head-on with features like a pressure relief vent, essential for managing gases that might build up during transport. The VITON version of our VARIBOX IBCs, recommended for Sodium hypochlorite, includes materials that resist the chemical’s corrosive effects, ensuring long-term durability and safety.

Sustainable and Reusable

At VARIBOX, we are committed to sustainability. Our IBCs are designed not only to meet current safety regulations but also to promote environmental responsibility through reusability. This approach not only aligns with green practices but also reduces the dependency on single-use containers, lowering the overall environmental footprint of chemical distribution processes.

VARIBOX CC No struggling with drums

Benefits of VARIBOX IBCs

Advanced Safety: Equipped with a pressure relief vent, each VARIBOX is designed to handle the buildup of gases, providing an extra layer of safety during the transport of this chemical.
High Durability: The use of VITON material enhances the container’s resistance to corrosion and extends its service life, even under rigorous conditions.
Cost Efficiency: The longevity and reusability of our IBCs present significant savings over time, offering an economical solution for chemical distribution.
Regulatory Compliance: Designed to meet or exceed all relevant safety standards, VARIBOX IBCs ensure peace of mind for distributors and their clients.

Use the Viton type 1000L IBC Sodium Hypochlorite

For the safe and efficient transportation of Sodium hypochlorite, VARIBOX IBCs stand out as the industry leader. Offering unmatched safety features, environmental benefits, and adaptability across various market needs, VARIBOX is more than just a container—it is a comprehensive solution for chemical distributors who prioritize safety and sustainability. Choose VARIBOX IBCs for your Sodium hypochlorite handling needs and join a growing network of businesses that trust our products for their critical operations. The most important numbers for this chemical substance are:

  • Formula NaOCl
  • CAS number 7681-52-9
  • UN number 1791
  • ADR class 8
  • ADR Packaging Group III

Check out our suitable IBCs for Sodium Hypochlorite

We provide packaging for chemical distribution that excels in safety, reusability, and sustainability.

VARIBOX Single Containment


Single Containment
  • 10x longer lifetimes than other IBCs
  • 99% recyclable material
  • DN50-PN10 heavy-duty valve
VARIBOX Full Containment


Full Containment
  • 110% spill containment integrated
  • 10x longer lifetime
  • <0.5 liters of residue after usage
VARIBOX Compact Containment


Compact Containment
  • Eliminates physical lifting
  • No drip trays required
  • 100% closed system