Spill control

To ensure the safe usage of our double-walled Intermediate Bulk Containers there is a built-in spill control feature on our containers. Chemical and detergents distributors who are supplying their products in our double-walled VARIBOX IBCs have the opportunity to check the VARIBOX for leakages at any time before filling, maintenance, inspection, or transport. When arrived and being used at the user, the users of the VARIBOX can do exactly the same.

The benefit of checking for leakage on regular basis with the spill control of our double-walled IBC  you are 100% sure when you move the VARIBOX that no product will escape from the IBC.

Spill control




Spill control in just 4 steps 

First of all, make sure that the VARIBOX is clean and you wear your personal protective equipment. Then move the cap of the inspection opening. The second step is to remove the dipstick of the container. Thereafter check the dipstick for any spills, if dry you put the dipstick back into the container. The final and fourth step is to put the cap back on the inspection opening. 

Mandatory regulations 

According to the regulations of by example, the Deutsches Institut Für Bautechnik (DIBt) and other organizations it’s mandatory to have an option to check for leakages. One of the design principles of the VARIBOX is to meet all regulations and even more. So the VARIBOX has an easy-to-use spill control feature that can be used at any moment to make sure there is no leakage. 

Take measurements on time, if necessary 

When checking our double-walled Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) regularly for leakages you can take measurements on time if necessary. For example, pumping out the chemical product to organize a separate safe transport to replace the inner container.
And of course, due to the 110% integrated spill containment, the chemical product can not escape from the VARIBOX. But it’s not worth it to take the risk.

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