Stacking the VARIBOX Reusable IBCs on site

At a time when industrial zones are expanding and urban areas are growing rapidly, it is not always easy for chemical distributors to cope with the lack of space in their warehouses. Stacking the VARIBOX Reusable IBCs on site is the solution for optimizing your IBC storage areas. Although there are racking solutions specifically designed for vertical storage, quite often companies rely on outdoor storage or open-air warehouses to store their IBCs.

Just like the interior of a warehouse, the exterior space is also limited where IBCs, if unstacked or unstackable, accumulate, worse take up storage space.

The stackability of IBCs seems to be an obvious requirement. It also offers economic advantages. It is quite common to see IBCs stacked empty on 3 or 4 heights on site. However, stacking IBC is not without risk. Our VARIBOX IBC has been designed to ensure static stacking stability. In addition, all VARIBOX IBC are also UN approved for dynamic stacking.

Stacking the VARIBOX Reusable IBCs on site

How to know if an IBC can be stacked in accordance with ADR?

You just need to look at the UN homologation plate on your IBC to find out if an IBC can be stacked in accordance with ADR. The stacking symbol tells you whether your IBC can be stacked or not. Above this symbol is indicated the maximum permitted stacking load.

There is also a piece of data in the IBC’s UN number which tells you whether your IBC is stackable or not. This is the penultimate number that indicates the stacking test in kg. For IBCs not designed for stacking, the figure “0” shall be shown.

The load to be placed on the IBC during the stacking test is calculated according to the maximum permitted stacking load that the IBC manufacturer wishes to approve. It must be 1.8 times the permitted stacking load. In the case of VARIBOX SC, the maximum permitted stacking load is 2084 kg (dynamic stacking).

In order to approve this maximum permitted stacking load, the VARIBOX SC was subjected to the test load. At the end of this test, no permanent deformation must be observed which renders the IBC unsafe for carriage.

For more information on stacking VARIBOX please see our FAQ Stacking.

VARIBOX design for secure stacking

All our VARIBOX are approved for chemicals with a density of up to 1.9 kg/dm. This means that the design of VARIBOX for secure stacking has been studied to withstand a stacking load greater than the sum of the weight of the chemical product (content) and the tare of the own IBC (container).

The stacking bars integrated into the VARIBOX SC and VARIBOX FC reinforce and ensure safe stacking. The design of the pallet and the upper part of the cover has been studied so that each part fits together perfectly to ensure stacking stability.

The maximum permitted stacking load of the VARIBOX SC (single containment) 1000l is 2084 kg and 800l 1674 kg, of the VARIBOX FC (Full Containment) 1000l is 2080 kg and 800l 1700kg, and of the VARIBOX CC (compact containment) 250l is 522 kg.

More information on stacking the VARIBOX Reusable IBCs on site

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