HSE awareness in CEE region is growing

HSE awareness in CEE region is growing – Continuous process for systematic review of safety, reporting of threats and hazards and submission of safety improvement proposals leads to constant search by manufacturers for solutions helping to achieve this targets. Provision of a safe working environment, using safe equipment & proper raw material packaging, policies and procedures in order to ensure worker’s health & safety became a priority to all manufacturers. Knowledge that use of proper tools, machinery, raw materials packaging can prevent injuries, forces the mindset of employee to fix any unsafe conditions or workplace hazards as soon as it is noticed.

VARIBOX Full Containment




Sustainable production

Sustainable production relies on creation of goods and services using processes and systems which are: non-polluting, conserving of energy and natural resources and are safe and healthful for workers, communities, and consumers. Prioritizing sustainable materials, its packaging and sourcing practices can help manufacturers not only minimize their carbon footprint but also enhance their manufacturing efficiency, strengthen supplier relationships, attract environmentally conscious consumers, and improve brand reputation. Sustainable production helps to reduce environmental impact while maintaining quality and safety standards.

Environmental management

Environmental management procedures help manufacturers to systematically and continuously identify, control and mitigate the environmental impacts of an organization’s activities, products and services. Environmental protection at the production site has undergone structural change in recent years. The emphasis has shifted to preventive techniques which affect the production process itself, avoiding the emergence of waste through preventive actions or recycling it straight away. This integrated approach is in harmony with the demands of sustainable production

Adam Hryniewski- Regional Head of Sales & Market Development CEE is proud to support CEE region manufactures in achieving above goals in aspects connected with safety, sustainability, environmental protection processes.

VARIBOX implementation in CEE region grows on daily basis. There is a big shift from single-use to multi-use Varibox IBC containers, driven by changes in manufactures requirements. Compliance with European and national packaging regulations, including material reduction and reuse of IBCs, thanks to its design and 10 years lifetime, helps in VARIBOX implementation to new work environments. Multi-use & multifunctional solution of VARIBOX focuses on sustainability and compliance with packaging regulations.

Growth of VARIBOX applications by manufactures and distributors in the CEE region is visible in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria. Distributors, manufactures, and multinational companies recognized VARIBOX packaging as safest packaging for chemical storage and transportation. Through its implementation to their work environment, safety processes in chemical handling and ability to fully empty the VARIBOX from chemicals helped in taking it to next level of chemicals transport and handling.

The safest way to transport and store chemicals is in VARIBOX containers

VARIBOX Full Containment

The VARIBOX Full Containment (FC) has an integrated spill containment of 110%. This guarantees that you as a supplier or user meet the highest standard in safety regulations. It also protects you and the environment from any leakage. The Varibox FC equipped with the closed extraction system “Safeline” makes sure that there is no need to open the container and chemical contact and toxic fumes will be avoided. It makes working with chemicals almost risk-free, because of the double-walled protection, no climbing, and ergonomic position.

VARIBOX Single Containment

The VARIBOX Single Containment (SC) is a reusable Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) that has a lifetime of 10x longer than other IBCs. The unique construction and high-quality materials of the container enable 99% of the container can be recycled at the end of its lifetime. The robust DN50-PN10 heavy-duty valve makes sure that your chemical stays safe within the VARIBOX

Lifetime up to 5 years
VARIBOX CC No struggling with drums

VARIBOX Compact Containment

The VARIBOX Compact Container (CC) 250-liter Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) will eliminate the physical lifting of drums and the risk of falling drums. The 110% integrated spill containment makes it possible to not use any required drip trays and still meet storage regulations. Varibox CC is 100% closed by using Safeline extraction system. In this case, the swapping of the dripping extractor tub from drum to drum is over. There  is no need to open the container anymore and toxic fumes are avoided.

VARIBOX Drumtainer

The VARIBOX Drumtainer is an UN-approved overpack for all types of drums (200 – 230 liter). This easy-to-use overpack with 110% integrated spill containment has 4 large wheels which give you the opportunity to place the Drumtainer on any desired location without the need to set up drip tray facilities. The unique overpack makes sure that you will have your drums safely and hygienically packed without lifting or touching the drums.

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