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Did you know that our journey started back in the sixties? Inspired by new materials and technologies discovered in the 1960s, a group of entrepreneurs founded our company in 1966. It was the starting point of the rotational molding process and the exploration of the new possibilities offered by polyethylene plastics. During these years, rotational molding factories were created in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, companies that would merge into one, years later, to form the organization that we are today.

The possibilities of new technology soon gave way to innovations in the safe packaging of chemicals. New products such as drums, cylinders, silos, and polyethylene tanks were introduced and quickly found their place in the chemical industry. Polyethylene products have proven to be strong and durable in safely dispensing chemicals. In the 1970s, we devised the first IBC officially approved by the UN for the transport of dangerous goods. Only two years after the entry into force of the United Nations ADR Treaty! Pioneers, we continue to bet on innovation, in the 90s, our engineers developed the first IBC made entirely of plastic, replacing the steel cage. From this point on, not only was the inner container robust and resistant, but the external construction could also stand up to chemical exposure and wear and tear. All those innovations and knowledge led in 2012 to the new generations of IBCs for chemicals the VARIBOX.

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