VARIBOX product training

At VARIBOX, working safely with chemicals is the top priority. Knowledge about safety is essential, that’s why we created the VARIBOX product training. This specially developed training has the goal to contribute to working safely with chemicals and to recognize dangerous situations with regard to Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) 




Diversity of topics

At VARIBOX, safety is always the number 1 priority. We are happy to help you in achieving your safety goals. We gladly offer you our training to help you to work safely with chemicals. The VARIBOX product training is divided into the following topics:

  • Recognize dangerous situations with IBCs.
  • Knowledge about the storage and transport regulations that apply to IBCs.
  • Reading the UN mark.
  • The relevant aspects of UN and ADR (regulations for storage and transport) that apply to IBCs.
  • Difference between the EPDM and Viton sealing materials.
  • The product characteristics of the VARIBOX.
  • The safe use of the VARIBOX.
  • The safe connection and disconnection of the couplers on the VARIBOX.
  • The regulations regarding venting the VARIBOX.
  • Cleaning of the VARIBOX.

Of course, in addition to these topics, your specific situation is considered extensively.

Would you like to have a look behind the scenes?

Would you like to have a look behind the scenes in Deventer? It’s possible to follow the VARIBOX product training at our VARIBOX production location in Deventer in the Netherlands. The location in Deventer is suitable for group training sessions. In addition, you can see how the VARIBOX is being produced at our ergonomic production line. We also want to invite you to watch the VARIBOX in our demo room.

VARIBOX product training on location

Do you prefer the meeting on location? That is also possible! The training can also be provided by our account managers. We gladly explain to you on location how you can work safely with chemicals using the VARIBOX.

VARIBOX product training

More information about the VARIBOX product training

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