What concentration of Ammonia can you transport in an IBC?

On this page, you will see everything about the regulations of the ADR on Ammonia in an IBC. The ADR lists Ammonia solution with a concentration between 10% and 35% as UN 2672. And ADR tells us that one can transport UN2672 in an IBC. Does this mean that you can ship Ammonia 25% in an IBC? No, you can’t do so!

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What is vapour pressure?

Ammonia solution is a product with high so-called vapour pressure. Vapour pressure is the pressure of the vapour above a liquid in a closed container. This pressure builds up by the evaporation of the liquid in this closed container and the higher the temperature, the higher this pressure will be. The ADR calculates the hydraulic test pressure that packagings must withstand based on the vapour pressure of the liquids that are to be filled into these packagings. And there’s a limit to this pressure.

Where does ADR limit the vapour pressure in IBCs?

In the ADR restricts the use of IBCs for chemicals with a vapour pressure over 110 kPa (1.1 bar) at 50 °C or 130 kPa (1.3 bar) at 55 °C. It’s written in the last sentence of this paragraph, after the explanations on how to link the hydraulic test pressure of packagings to the vapour pressure of the liquids that are to be filled. See the ADR for the exact wordings of So the ADR tells us that IBCs are not be used for liquids with a vapour pressure above 110 kPa at 50 °C. Ammonia 25% though has a vapour pressure of ~154 kPa at 50°C, clearly above the limit set in the ADR. So, you can’t ship Ammonia 25% in an IBC.

What concentration of ammonia in an IBC can you transport?

Interpolation of vapour pressures of Ammonia solutions tells us that concentrations of up to 20% stay below the maximum vapour pressure of 110 kPa. At higher concentrations, the vapour pressure exceeds this limit. The vapour pressure data of different sources do not fully match. The exact vapour pressure of your solution is to be calculated based on the vapour pressure data of the supplier of the Ammonia.

Ammonia in an IBC

Check the vapour pressure of your Ammonia solution

So, the ADR limits the concentration of Ammonia (UN 2672) to 20%. Therefore, check the vapour pressure of your Ammonia solution to ensure that this vapour pressure does not exceed this limit set in the ADR.

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