Sealing our double-walled IBC

The benefit of sealing our double-walled IBC is that you as a supplier know that the container has not been opened and only the VARIBOX Safeline System has been used.  Chemical and detergents distributors who are supplying their product in our double-walled IBCs have the opportunity to seal their VARIBOX.





Sealing in just 4 steps

First of all, make sure that the VARIBOX is clean so that there is no residue of your product on the container. Then the first step moves the seal through the sealing hole. After that move the seal through the screwcap and put the seal through the cap on the screwcap. The last step is to close the seal and tighten the cord.

Save on cleaning costs by sealing our double-walled IBC

When sealing our Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) the VARIBOX cannot be opened without breaking the seal. If so, the VARIBOX needs to be cleaned to be 100% sure that nothing is left inside the container. But when sealed and only used through the VARIBOX Safeline system you do not have to clean the container, because it’s only your chemical product that was inside the IBC. You can directly fill it with the same product once again. 

Couldn’t find your answer in the video sealing?

We know that the safe and reusable VARIBOX IBCs are being used for many different applications in many different markets. Therefore it could be that your question/answer is not included in the support section. If so, please contact our Customer Service, they are glad to help further.