Training for the VARIBOX FC at Thommen-Furler AG

Recently our New Business Manager Kobus Bruins traveled to the beautiful country of Switzerland for a training for our double-walled VARIBOX FC at Thommen-Furler. On the head office in Rüti b. Büren and Kobus discussed together with the complete sales team of Thommen-Furler all the ins and outs of our double-walled VARIBOX Full Containment. The safest Intermediate Bulk Container in chemical distribution. This training was integrated into one of the monthly meetings the team has. A monthly sales meeting combined with a beautiful sunny day is the perfect combination to have a closer look at VARIBOX on the outside grounds.

VARIBOX Full Containment




The reason for the training for our double-walled VARIBOX FC

Since last year, Thommen-Furler has been offering their customers the VARIBOX program and wants to respond to the demand from customers in this way. With the VARIBOX training, the sales team is able to support their customers in the best possible way.

Thommen-Furler AG

Since 1990, Thommen-Furler AG has focused on the distribution of chemicals, specialties, and lubricants, environmental engineering, and the disposal and recycling of industrial and hazardous waste, based on the ChemCare® concept. The increasing specialization of Thommen-Furler AG is demonstrated by the ongoing addition of a rapidly growing range of chemical specialties and lubricants to the company’s range of industrial chemicals.
Thanks to the ChemCare® business model, suppliers and business partners are included in the processes. In this way, the company’s credo of customer orientation and customer benefit is given the necessary sustainability. And of course, VARIBOX fits seamlessly into this concept.

Topics during the product training

During the product training, the VARIBOX program and the added value offered to customers as a supplier were discussed. The main components of the program at a glance:

– The VARIBOX Full Containment
– The VARIBOX Compact Containment
– How VARIBOX contributes to sustainability
– Availability of a closed system for emptying
– Solutions for determining the liquid level
– How does VARIBOX contribute to optimum safety in the handling of hazardous materials
– VARIBOX Connect; the fully integrated track & trace system


The double-walled VARIBOX is available in an EPDM or Viton version depending on the chemicals that will be packed in the container. This will be fully matched to the Safeline system. But of course, the VARIBOX FC is also applicable for other extractor tubes. The full containment IBCs are available in many different colors as blue, dark blue, yellow, orange, green, and natural to match your product coding. Next to that, to be 100% safe the containers are equipped with automatic venting in terms of a pressure relief vent or combi-vent.

VARIBOX Connect Integrated Connectivity Solution
  • 1000 Liter
  • LLDPE Polyethylene 
  • 1.9KG Density
  • +40 – 20 filling temperature 
  • 122 KG weight
  • 1 0n 1 stackable


Every VARIBOX FC can be equipped with VARIBOX Connect. This gives you as a supplier or user of chemicals the opportunity to maximize the efficiency of your VARIBOX fleet.


The VARIBOX FC can be equipped with the VARIBOX Safeline System. An easy-to-use system consisting of an extractor tube in the container that can be connected to your system by using a coupler