Sulphuric acid in VARIBOX IBCs

Sulphuric acid in VARIBOX IBCs – a well-known application for safe storage and transport. Sulphuric acid, H2SO4 with UN-number 1830. Sometimes spelled as Sulfuric Acid. Sulphuric acid is a dangerous chemical substance that can harm you and the environment. That’s why safety is the most important aspect of the distribution of this substance. The VARIBOX Containers are specially designed to enhance safety during usage and storage. The many safety features on the VARIBOX Full Containment, Single Containment, and Compact Containment will protect the supplier and the users of the container.

What is Sulphuric acid?

Sulfuric acid or sulphuric acid is H2SO4. It is a heavy, colorless corrosive liquid. Sulphuric acid is produced in significant quantities, worldwide, in various concentrations. It is used in many applications such as fertilizers, petroleum refining, and metallurgical processes. Sulphuric acid is the electrolyte in lead-acid storage batteries. Another well-known application is in air scrubbers in livestock farming to reduce the emissions of hazardous substances that affect the environment. Sulphuric acid is supplied in different concentrations like 37, 78, 93, and 98 percent.

The Viton version of the IBCs

When in contact with water, Sulphuric acid can react violently. It releases a lot of heat and when you mix water with concentrated sulfuric acid, it may splash. Always use PPE when working with Sulphuric acid. Sulphuric acid is very corrosive and eats its way through many things. The VARIBOX-materials are selected to have a good resistance against the chemical attack by sulphuric acid. We advise the use of Viton for the VARIBOX gaskets. For more information about the choice of seals for your VARIBOX version please see the FAQ EPDM or Viton

Special Sulphuric acid valve on VARIBOX SC

When using a bottom outlet on our VARIBOX SC, we offer a special version of our heavy-duty valve. This heavy-duty valve is made from tough Polyethylene and is resistant against Sulphuric acid. The resistance of a polypropylene valve will not be sufficient to cope with the corrosion caused by high concentrations of Sulphuric acid, so choose the special Sulphuric acid valve on your VARIBOX SC.

The safe use of  Sulphuric acid in VARIBOX IBCs  

Safety is the most important thing within the chemical distribution. The VARIBOX Containers are specially designed to enhance safety during usage and storage. The many safety features like the completely closed VARIBOX Safeline system, the double-walled protection, integrated spill containment and the option to have different colors will help you as a user of Sulphuric acid to store and use it safely in any desired location. 

The highest concentration of Sulphuric acid is very heavy, it has a density of 1,84 kg/l. The VARIBOX IBC is developed to handle this heavy-weight Sulphuric acid. Also make sure that forklift trucks, pallet carts and truck tail lifts in your supply chain can handle this heavy load: a filled IBC will weigh up to 2 tons!

More information 

Do you have any other questions regarding Sulphuric acid in VARIBOX IBCs? Please feel free to contact us at or you can call (+31) 0570-660-711. Do you want to have your product sulphuric acid delivered to the VARIBOX? Please ask your chemical supplier for the possibilities.