Happy summer holiday

We wish you a happy summer holiday. After months of hard work, it’s time for a break. Our factories will be closed for two weeks. Time to take a break, reset, and prepare for the coming months of 2021. We use this opportunity to look back at the new VARIBOX products and new stories we have shared with our customers and users. So, time for a recap.

Our Sales/account manager will be available during the holidays for your questions.

Introduction of VARIBOX connect

Connect provides you with a personalized dashboard to get the most out of your VARIBOX IBC fleet. Every day you will have the most accurate data about the location, level, and empty date of each of your VARIBOX Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). With this knowledge and data, you can maximize the efficiency of your VARIBOX fleet.

New DIBt approval

Every product design requires its own metal mould. This mould is mounted on a rotomoulding machine and charged with raw material in powder form.

The mould is then moved in a moulding oven while constantly being rotated on two axes. The plastic powder in the mould melts and adheres to the inside of the mould, building up the required wall thickness of the plastic product. Kobus Bruins, our New Business Manager in Germany proudly presents you with the new DIBt approval for the VARIBOX CC. Now all double-walled VARIBOX 250, 800, 1000 liter IBCs are DIBt approved! That means that all VARIBOX FC and CC containers meet the highest technical standards – not just for transport but with the approval from the DIBt authority also for storage of dangerous goods

Introducing Safeline Precision

VARIBOX Safeline Precision is a system with an extractor tube in the VARIBOX that reaches the lowest point of the inner container. A coupler can be connected to the top of the VARIBOX to extract chemicals through the integrated tube. The Safeline Precision system is an option on the VARIBOX that allows the product to be extracted without opening the Intermediate Bulk Container.

User story with De Vries

The VARIBOX Full Containment (FC), the double-walled IBC with flexibility is on the market since 2016. Since the introduction of the unique VARIBOX FC

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We wish you a happy summer holiday

Do you have any questions regarding our truly reuseable VARIBOX Intermediate Bulk Containers or do you want additional information please feel free to contact us at info@varibox-ibc.com or you can call +31 570 660 711.