How does VARIBOX Safeline Performance work?

Safe transport and storage are the basic principles for which the Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) from VARIBOX have been developed. To ensure safety when using our containers, all containers can be equipped with the VARIBOX Safeline system. The VARIBOX Safeline system is an easy to use system consisting of an extractor tube in the container that can be connected to your system by using a coupler.

Animation of the Safeline Performance

As you can see in the animation when the VARIBOX Safeline Performance has been connected in the correct way, how the chemicals will flow from the lowest point in the inner container through the tube towards the pump system which has been connected to the coupler. 

All VARIBOX IBCs has been developed with an inner container in the form of a bathtub because this optimises emptying which results in less chemical waste. 

Connecting in just 3 easy steps

  1. Slide the coupler over
  2. Put the metal clip down until it connects
  3. Put the handle down until it connects 

Attention! Make sure that the hose is in a 90-degree angle. 

1. Slide the coupler over

First of all, make sure that the correct version of the coupler is being used.  The red and round coupler for EPDM and the 12 angular and green coupler for Viton. If this is correct, slide the coupler over. 

2. Put the metal clip down

If the coupler is slided over correctly you can punt the metal clip down to ensure that the coupler will not get loose. 

3. Put the handle down

The last step is putting the handle down to open the extractor tube. 

How does VARIBOX Safeline Performance work?

In this video, you will see how to connect the Safeline Performance on our VARIBOX IBCs.

More information

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