10-year VARIBOX Single Containment. Interview with the first customer!

10-year VARIBOX Single Containment! For the 10th anniversary of the VARIBOX, our Sales Manager Sebastien Dufour returned to the first customer in France that has put his trust in this new packaging: Mazal in Limoges. Since 1971, Produits Chimiques Mazal, an independent company based in Limoges, ISO 9001/14001/45001 certified, has been offering its services for the trade and delivery of packaged and bulk chemical products as well as cleaning and maintenance products. For more than 50 years, the Mazal family business has been the privileged partner of businesses and local authorities as well as a loyal user of our packaging. Mr. Mazal is leading the company. He and two of his colleagues, Mr. Basbayon, sales manager, and Mr. Javelaud, operations manager, were kind enough to give us their feedback on the integration of VARIBOX and its use by their customers and colleagues.

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At the end of 2011, when I presented you the VARIBOX concept, can you tell me what attracted you to this new IBC?

What really triggered us at the time was its innovative design. Also, the quick-maintenance concept was very important compared to the packaging we were using at the time.

Its reduced weight, its 100% plastic structure (without polyurethane), its absence of corrosion (integration of metal bars in the structure), really got us excited. This led us to place an order for our first truckload of VARIBOX.

In 2012 you were using other types of IBCs, when you switched to the VARIBOX. Now 10 years later what is your feedback?

The VARIBOX has responded perfectly to the needs, namely its easy and quick maintenance. After 5 years the inner bottle can be changed in 10-15 minutes. Thanks to its design, we have very few other parts to change. We have reduced our plastic waste. The VARIBOX is a container that is reliable over time thanks to its robustness. Every day it brings us security.

How have your teams and customers reacted to the VARIBOX?

Customers have adopted it very quickly, they appreciate the easy reading of the level, its total emptying, the different box colors and especially its perceived quality.
For our staff, its daily reliability makes it a safe working tool for our packaging teams. For our maintenance team, after 5 years, the dismantling concept is a great success. Its design and size are definite assets from a logistical point of view, especially when loading our trucks.

In 10 years VARIBOX has gone from one IBC model to a brand, with a complete range, and you use several models. Does this range meet your daily expectations?

“Yes, perfectly, today this evolution of the range has allowed us to gain new customers thanks to the VARIBOX FC retention version. The new 250 liters CC model can help us reach new markets.”

How satisfied are you with 10-year VARIBOX Single Containment?

We are very satisfied with the VARIBOX IBCs. The proof is our first VARIBOX from the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 which are still working, and where we are going to change the inner bottles for the second time since they were put into service. So, these containers will have a lifespan of 15 years: in 2012 we were talking about a life span of 10 years; we have easily exceeded this period of use. This is a long service life and is proof of the robustness of the VARIBOX.

What are the 5 strong points of VARIBOX for you?
  • Very easy and quick inner bottle change
  • Visibility of the filling level
  • Empty weight (50% reduction compared to the previous packaging)
  • Easy stacking, design of the stacking area
  • Robustness

Congratulations to Mazal for using the VARIBOX for 10 years!

VARIBOX Single Containment the truly reusable IBC with a proven lifetime of 10 years!


The VARIBOX SC is a rotomolded IBC with a lifetime of up to 10 years. Only the inner container needs to be replaced for up to 5 years. The truly reusable VARIBOX SC is the only IBC from VARIBOX which is available with coding colors and logos to match your company profile. The perfect way to differentiate your containers from your competition.

VARIBOX Single Containment 1000L
  • 1000 Liter
  • LLDPE Polyethylene 
  • 1.9KG Density
  • +40 – 20 filling temperature 
  • 105 KG weight
  • 1 0n 1 stackable