VARIBOX documents

Dear valued customer, congratulations on becoming proud owner of VARIBOX Containers. Following your order, we produced and inspected your VARIBOX. These containers will be delivered to you on short notice. You can find the UN-approval and/or DIBt-approval and userguide documents below on this page.

To ensure you have a smooth experience, we’ve prepared comprehensive user guides in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Polish.




VARIBOX Full Containment

The VARIBOX Full Containment (FC) has an integrated spill containment of 110%. This guarantees that you as a supplier or user meet the highest standard in safety regulations. But it also protects you and the environment from any leakage. The VARIBOX FC equipped with the closed Safeline makes sure that there is no need to open the container and chemical contact and toxic fumes will be avoided. But with the VARIBOX FC, you go one step further, it makes working with chemicals almost risk-free, because of the double-walled protection, no climbing, and ergonomic position. 

VARIBOX Compact Containment

The time of struggling with drums is over! The VARIBOX Compact Containment (CC) 250-liter Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) will eliminate the physical lifting of drums and the risk of falling drums. The 110% integrated spill containment makes it possible to not use any required drip trays and still meet storage regulations. The VARIBOX CC is 100% closed by using the Safeline system. So, in this case, the swapping of the dripping extractor tub from drum to drum is over. Furthermore, there is no need to open the container anymore and toxic fumes are avoided.

VARIBOX Drumtainer

The VARIBOX Drumtainer is an UN-approved overpack for all types of drums (200 – 230 liter). This easy-to-use overpack with 110% integrated spill containment has 4 large wheels which give you the opportunity to place the Drumtainer on any desired location without the need to set up drip tray facilities. The unique overpack makes sure that you will have your drums safely and hygienically packed without lifting or touching the drums.